another naughty confession from NICCI GREENE

It was Feb 14th and I knew I was in for a treat. I had been through my usual routine; nails painted a nice red with sparkles, hair blow dried, eyebrows done, legs waxed, and pussy waxed smooth. I felt good and my husband told me I looked hot. He has a way with words but that day he simply said three and his smile told me the rest. I felt amazing and was ready for our weekend away. The kids were packed off to his mum's so I was in no rush getting ready and then he said, 'pack your bikini.' I didn't look round to him but I smiled. He hasn't told me where we were staying but I knew when he said that there'd be a pool and maybe even a spa. We arrived at the country house style mansion and it glowed white in the sunlight like moon in a cloudless sky. As if the building itself had a halo with its pillars painted a brilliant white. I was already a little wet from the journey. My husband had been sliding his hand up and down my newly smoothed legs and occasionally stroking my inner thigh. My pussy inches towards his hand each time it got close, willing it to fuck me. I was so horny I gave the concierge a wink when he stared down at my cleavage as I stepped out from the car and he held the door open for me. I was so horny, in fact, I would've let him slide his hand into the very area he studied. The room was amazing and I could have enjoyed the bed straight away but after a passionate embrace and some tender touching we decided to hold off until later. My hubby had us booked into the hotel restaurant for a lunch and so that's where we went. Drinking at lunchtime can sometimes be a bad thing but I was feeling naughty and adventurous so I had a few. After lunch we retired to the bar where the football match was on. As my husband's team was playing I went there with him to show my support and to enjoy all the prying eyes from the men who would be attempting to keep one eye on me and one on the ball. I've realised as I have gotten older than men are going to look, stare, and strip you with their eyes. When I was younger I fought it, ignored it even. But as I've matured I've embraced it. I often try to imagine what they are thinking and sometimes purposely give them something to see if I'm feeling horny. That day I was but the bar in the swanky hotel was not the place to flash my panties. After the first half we headed back to the room. It was the late kick off so it must've been around 6pm when we got back to the lush bedroom. Full of beer my hubby was not ready or able to satisfy my desires and I knew he would be keen to see the second half with the match poised at 1-1. So I dawned my peach bikini and gave him a wry smile as he checked me out when I walked passed. Lifting the big fluffy white towel I wrapped it around my body, gave him a sensual kiss and left him to his football. The lift opened with a 'ping' that echoed around the spa. It was empty and the water of the swimming pool so calm it was surreal. A serene calmness eased all the tension in my body and I wondered if maybe the spa was closed that day. I looked around for some staff but the desk was empty and I figured they must close up early on a Saturday. It was Ireland we were visiting so I imagined the staff all getting out to the boozers in town as quick as their shift would finish, or maybe even beforehand. The water was cool at first but I slipped my entire body inside and swam the length of the pool. I enjoyed being on my own in the peaceful pool and it has heavenly to get a break from the normal routine and hectic family life. Then I heard a sound. The ware was disturbed around me and I turned to see a man enter the water as I had done moments before. He swam passed me traveling in the direction I had been. His eyes looked over at me just like the men in the bar had done earlier that day. He pulled himself out of the water and sat on the poolside with his feet still submerged. As I slowly swam along he stared at me. It unnerved me at first as his gaze was so fixed on me. I knew that his eyes would examine every inch when I left the pool so I stayed longer than I normally would. But he didn't move from his vantage point. He was an older man. His skinned was very tanned a leathery. His arms and chest had wispy silver hair on them that matched the receding brushed back hair on his head. He looked ok for his age and was perhaps once a very dashing man. I began, as I looked at him, to enjoy his stare and when I left the pool I did so slowly so he could see more of me. It must've been too much for him because be followed me into the steam room. He sat opposite me, so close. It was hot in there, so hot. His eyes wandered. I was warming and wearing. My chest heaved as I tried to take the warm air in. My breasts pushed out towards him and he stared straight at my chest each time I took in a breath. The heat, the sweat, and his obvious attraction began to turn me on. I started to feel the horny I had felt earlier and fuelled by the afternoon drinks I began to want him to do more than just look. His gaze wandered over me like the hands of a horny teenager. As his eyes drifted down to my legs I gently and very slowly opened them. He stared at my camel toe as until it disappeared and I stretched my peach bikini while widening my legs further. I felt his eyes fuck me. I felt them enter me and I began to warm from within. As he watched my crotch I watched his. A lump grew in his swimming shorts and began to gently buck towards me. I felt my body buck back and we seemed to air fuck each other. it was erotic and hot, very hot, too hot. The heat was unbearable, rising in there like an oven. I began to feel light headed and then I simply had to leave that room. Closing my legs I rose to my feet hoping he would reach out and grab me but he didn't. Closing the door behind me I walked across to the showers. They were open cubicles opposite the steam room. I walked straight into one and hit the silver button. A blast of freezing cold water smacked my chest. The blast made me jump back then turn around. The water warmed as it burst onto my back but then there I was standing looking out towards the steam room. He walked out and stared straight at my tits. My nipples were erect from the cold and the bikini stuck to me with wetness. At that moment I wanted him. I needed him. I needed cock. I reached my arms up and my hands behind my neck opened the tie on my bikini top. Slowly I peeled the top down to expose my breasts and large erect dark nipples. He stared with an intent. I needed more than his eyes on me so I turned my back once again and slowly removed my bottoms until I was stood with my back to him but completely naked. I waited. I waited on those tanned leathery arms and that wispy sliver hair until they finally arrived around my waist. His body was warm and sweaty when he pressed his front into my back. I rubbed soap into my breasts then took his hands and used them like two sponges to clean my boobs. I rubbed his hands all over my body until I felt his cock stiffening against my ass. Letting his hands do their own work I slipped my behind and down into his shorts. Still soapy I played with his cock and balls and he groaned into my ear. I was so fuckin horny. I needed him in me. I jerked his shaft and then he slipped a finger inside me. My body was bucking back and forth and trying to bend towards his dick. He was a tall man, too tall. I managed to wrestle his cock out from his shirts and we tried to get into a shape to let him in. I could feel his hard cock pulsing as it rubbed back and forth on my warm, wet, pussy but it was too awkward to get it inside. I wanted him in me so bad but then I heard a noise. I jumped away from him. 'Did you hear that?' I asked. Until that second we hadn't spoke and he offered no reply. I freaked out and quickly lifted my bottoms back on. I heard another noise and shuffled out passed him fixing my bikini top back on as I did so. I saw a pool attendant go over to the pool, take what looked like a sample of water from it, then leave again. My heart was vibrating fast in my chest. Adrenaline was pumping so I was glad of the cooling water when I dipped my body back into the pool. I began swimming until I heard the splash behind me. I reached the edge of the pool and again we were alone. I felt his arms again coming around me. This time he didn't need my hands to direct him and in seconds he had his hands inside my bikini top as he groped me. I then felt him tug at my bottoms until they floated up beside me. Not willing to have the same problem as before he turned me round to face him. His cock danced against my stomach until I warped my legs around his waist and he entered me. It was a powerful trust and I took him all inside me letting out a help of, 'Fuck Yeah!' Those cries continued as he rammed into me hard and fast against the side of the pool. I love a good hard fuck and even though I was yelling he kept going getting faster and faster until I felt myself explode. My body was quaking as it shivered into an orgasm. I was so taken by the sensation that I forgot to tell him not to full inside me. It was over before I knew it. He let go of his cum and pushed it deep upwards into my body. He jerked me upwards until he released every last drop then one last thrust he held me and kissed me. His tongue lashed against mine and then he withdrew. He pulled himself out and swam backwards then turned. I watched him swim to the other side and then rise from the water. I floated there held up by the water and my high. My legs still shook and I loved that orgasm and that moment as I watched my bikini bottoms float further way in the water darkened by the lack of light.  Finally I retrieved them and returned to my husband. He was asleep but I woke him with my hand wrapped around his cock and my mouth whispering in his ear to tell him what I had just done. He was so excited when he woke that he fucked me like a dog and I came again. It was another powerful orgasm and the cum poured from me as I squired all over the floor.  The rest of that weekend we had amazing sex and didn't leave the bedroom but I will always remember the older man who came inside me. I sometimes wonder if he even spoke English?

My Boss and Me

My boss asked me to come to his office after work. The other girls left and I sat at my desk. I was nervous. I had no idea what he wanted with me. I'd only been working there a few weeks. I sent my husband a text to tell him I would be late home. The door to my boss's office opened. He was stood there in his dark blue suit. He called me over. I had only seen inside his office once before, when I was interviewed for the job. He stood in the doorway as I passed then he pointed towards the small leather sofa beside me and asked me to take a seat. He sat next to me and lifted an iPad from the low table in front of us. Handing it to me he mentioned the figures displayed on the screen. I was holding it above my lap with both my hands firmly gripping it's sides. Swishing his finger over the screen he moved to another page. It seems that since I joined the figures had gone up to above the targets he was set. He told me that was in part down to me. I was so proud at what I was looking at that I didn't notice at first. He had set his hand onto my knee below the iPad. I only realised it was there when I felt his thumb sliding back and forth across my skin. He spoke of my role and how there was an opening coming up that I should apply for. With his other hand he brushed the hair from my shoulder. I felt his hand touching my shoulder then it slipped down my back. A shiver ran down my spine followed by his fingertips. I felt strangely comfortable with his hands on me. His other hand was moving slowly up my inner thigh. I felt my legs open slightly allowing his hand to move further. I saw my chest heaving below my eyes as I took deep breaths trying not to pant or panic. Then I felt it. I never expected it. I wasn't even sure it was happening at first. He told me he wanted me to go for the job so we could work more closely together. As he spoke he slowly pulled the zip of my dress all the way down my back. I was taken aback by that and was about to say something when I felt his fingers caressing my bare back. It was sensual, sexy even. His other hand moved further up my thigh. My hands were both still holding the iPad or I would have used them to stop him going any further. With no hands to hold him back I used my legs, closing them together and then crossing them so he had to remove his hand from between them. I was nervous. I felt sexy but I knew I shouldn't. I knew I had to get up and get out of there but then when his hand came out from below the iPad he used it to slide the front of my dress down to expose my bra. There I was sat in his office with my bra on show. His hand rose again but this time he took it to my chin. He turned my face to his. He told me I was beautiful. He told me I had a nice body. He looked into my eyes and he spoke softly when he said, 'i want you to open your mouth.' I was in so much shock my mouth just opened. He leaned over. I felt his breath on my face. His nose touched mine and I closed my eyes. I felt his warm wet tongue on my lips at first then inside my mouth. My jaw dropped further and he licked the roof of my mouth. It tickled. I kept my eyes closed. I could hear my own breath going in and out taking his breath into my lungs. His mouth began to kiss me. I tried not to respond. I kept my eyes shut tight. His tongue danced again inside my mouth and then I felt the release as my bra opened. My shoulders seemed to relax as it was removed and then I felt my mouth kissing him back. I tried to stop myself but his hands were on my breasts and I really enjoyed how he gently caressed them. I felt my tongue move forward to touch his. He squeezed my boobs really hard and my body started to squirm. My mind said stop but my body said not yet. His kiss was amazing. Like being a teenager again I tilted my head and moved my mouth with his. His head became heavy and he pressed his head and body into me making me fall down to my side. He fell with me, on top of me, and still with his tongue twisted around mine. I had to stop him, I had to get up. I dropped the iPad and pressed my hands against his shoulders to push him up and off me. He was too big and too heavy. As I tried again to push him up I felt my dress being dragged off my body. I was panting. My body bucked upwards towards him. I didn't want it to but as my pelvis moved up it connected with his groin. He was hard, rock hard. I felt his hardness against my mound and I became lost. Lost in the moment. Lost in the passionate embrace. Lost in lust. My underwear grinder against his harness and I felt my legs opening wider. I could feel his hand sliding over my legs and then it grabbed my panties. He rubbed my clit with his thumb whilst dragging his fingers up and down my vagina. It was electrifying. His tongue never left my mouth. I bucked up into his hand feeling the cotton getting wetter until his fingers moved the material away and slid inside me. My eyes opened. I was looking around his office but then all I saw was darkness. His fingers entered me again and my eyes closed in pleasure. My head rolled back breaking the bond between our mouths. He licked my neck before giving me little butterfly kisses. I wanted him now. I needed him. I wanted his cock. My hands went straight inside his pants and grabbed his hard cock. It felt like an iron bar. I tugged at it as he finger fucked me. I was in heaven. I frantically grabbed at his belt trying to open it. He helped me. Before I knew it his trousers were half off and them wow! He rammed that iron bar deep into me. My whole body stiffened. Then bam! Another ram inside me. I yelped with joy. My hands ran up his back. I dug my nails into his skin and he rammed into me more. Faster and faster he fucked me. I wanted him to stop. I shouldn't have been there. I needed it to stop but I wanted it never to end. Banging into me he shoved me up the tiny sofa. I nearly fell off with the force of his cock thrusting into me. I'd never been rammed like that before. He spoke. My eyes opened. 'you are so fucking hot' he said. I said in response, 'keep fucking me.' he did as I requested and rammed me harder and harder and faster until I felt myself building into an orgasm. Then I did fall off the sofa. I found myself on all fours with my boss fucking me like a dog. One hand grabbed at my tits. The other hand reached round and frigged my clitoris as he dug his iron bar deep inside my body. Pounding me he continued faster until I started screaming out loud, 'Yes! 'Yes' and 'Yes!' my body shook all over and then tensed before releasing waves of continual pleasure radiating through my body. My arms gave way and I rested my face on the carpet but he kept going. Pounding me he grabbed my hips and rammed me again and again until I enjoyed another powerful orgasm. Panting into the carpet I shouted, 'fuck' 'oh my fucking god' 'oh god' oh goooood' and then he pulled out and I felt him ejaculate his sperm all over my back. There seemed to be loads of it. Warm at first it almost burned my skin as it landed in bursts up my back then onto my ass and legs. Then I simply fell onto the floor in a sweaty naked mess with my boss's cum all over me. I heard him shuffling about getting his suit back on but I just lay there panting. Inside my vagina was a strange buzzing. It went from side to side sending pleasure hormones to my brain. When it finally stopped I turned to look up at my boss. He reached out his hand to help me up off the floor until I was stood naked in front of him. He let his hands feel my breasts again and told me I was the best looking woman he had ever seen. He reached round and gently smacked my ass then told me I was the naughtiest too. I was so horny, so excited, so full of lust that I forgot about my marriage, my life even. His eyes on my skin turned me on even more and standing in his hit he looked so dashing that I wanted more. I dropped down onto my knees, opened his zipper, and took out his cock. It was semi hard again just from fondling me. I licked it up and down each side then took it into my mouth. As I sucked on it I moved my hand up and down it making it rock hard again. As soon as it hardened like the iron bar it was before I stood up and lifted my leg onto the small table then guided his cock into my soaking wet pussy. He rammed into me again. He kissed me and sucked on my tits as he fucked me standing up and kept going until he said he was going to cum. I sat on the sofa and asked him to cum on my tits. Sliding his cock between my breasts he emptied a second load onto my skin. He left me there, naked in his office. I sat there for ages before I sorted myself out and went home to my husband. Each week after that for nearly two years I stayed behind and enjoyed that iron bar insane the orgasms it gave me.

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Fifty Shades of Greene

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From Nicci's first fictional erotic novel, chapter one...

The Dress

Frank couldn't believe his ears. Sat in his boss's office he had worked hard for the promotion. It would have meant leaving that office and the man he had grown to despise. Frank worked day and night to ensure he was the forerunner for the new role being created in the office on the other side of town. The office was closer to his home and the position came with more money, a lot more money. He was the best man for the job. He knew that. His boss knew that and his wife knew it too.

Lauren was younger than him but they were both still in their twenties. They had been married for two years and were talking about starting a family. Lauren was on the pill but they had discussed her coming off it. The promotion was the key, to everything. Lauren had her eyes set on a larger house just around the corner. It had been up for sale for more than a year with no takers. She had already started to design the interior and unbeknown to Frank had already started spending the money he did not yet have. She had ordered a new suite of furniture for her new living room and had spoken at length with the agent selling the property. She had also spoilt herself having run up a large bill on his credit card.

Lauren spent her whole weekend, the one before, shopping. Frank was at work, ensuring he obtained that much needed promotion. He had been invited to a works dinner dance to celebrate their expansion. It was a yearly event but this one was to be bigger and better than it had been before. A lavish affair meant Black-Tie and she was in town collecting Frank's tuxedo from the dry cleaners when she saw the dress. A full length dark purple dress was hung in the window of the shop. It sat elegantly on the mannequin and she knew she could do it justice. Inside the shop her thoughts were confirmed. The gown hugged her curves as she stood on her tip-toes and admired herself in the mirror. Lauren was a beauty. Her figure was athletic but curvy. Her long dark hair had a natural wave and her olive skin was always topped up with tan.

The dress was made for her and as she turned to look at her bum she realised she would turn heads in that dress. It would mean new shoes, a new bag, and new nail polish. She had nothing at home that would go with that colour. It wasn't long before she found the accessories choosing some Kurt Geiger heels that were nude in colour with a peep-toe and a five inch steel heel. A nude-coloured clutch back was bought to match and she acquired some diamante jewellery to go with the sequins that lined the plunging neck line. The dress exposed her entire back and plunged deep at the front showing the sides of her breasts. She was young enough to get away with not wearing a bra but worried that maybe she was showing too much flesh. Her long legs were covered but when she sat the large split exposed nearly an entire leg. It may have been a bit much for a work do but she looked hot and that made her feel good.

Frank sat in his manager's office and listened. He kept two pictures of his lovely young wife on his desk; one of their wedding day and another he took of her on their honeymoon. It was that picture that brought his boss over to his desk more so than the others in the office. She was stood on the balcony of the apartment where they had holidayed. Stood with a glass of bubbly in one hand she was wearing her lime green bikini top and a pair of cut-away denim shorts. Her olive skin was deep brown and her smile was what made the picture even more sexier. Her sexy red fingernails added an edge and that picture was his favourite.

Even without make-up she was a beauty. Frank's boss spoke about her like she was a movie star. He was stood behind his big walnut desk with that very picture in his hands. He remarked on her sexy painted nails and asked did she always keep them so neatly manicured. Frank said, 'Yes.' His boss then spoke about her breasts. It was inappropriate but he was making a point. He was being subtle but he was making it clear that he wanted Frank's wife. Despite all of the work Frank had done his boss said that there were two in the running for the job. Frank and a younger man called Kevin. Frank was fuming. Kevin was inexperienced and had not put anywhere near as much effort as he had over the last few months. Frank felt beaten, as if he had already lost the job. He was angry at his boss's comments about his wife. It bothered him that the man had taken his favourite picture of his desk. He was seething that his manager's paws were on his picture. Perhaps it was a test. Maybe his boss was trying to get a rise out of him to see it he would crack. These thoughts raced through Frank's mind until his boss spoke once more. 'If this lovely siren,' he said referring to Lauren, 'If this lovely siren was willing you would be guaranteed that promotion you so greatly desire.'

Frank laughed it off. He thought it was a joke but his boss didn't laugh and instead continued. 'I mean this girl could open a lot of doors for you.' Frank then realised what his boss was saying. He stood up and removed her picture from his bony white hands. The man was in his fifties, bald, and with a big belly that came from over indulgence. The thought of him just holding a picture of his wife was repulsive. 'Not likely' he muttered under his breath and turned to leave the office. 'I'll make my decision on Monday morning after the dinner dance.'
Frank walked out of his office and set the picture back onto his desk before shutting down his laptop. He began processing what had just happened. After all that work he had done. After all those extras hours he had sent away from his wife it was only Lauren that could get him his promotion. Slipping his laptop into its case he left work that day resigned to the fact that he would still be working their come Monday morning. He nearly cried when he ignited the engine of his Audi and held onto the steering wheel. He took a deep breath and let it out. With that exhale went his dreams, Lauren's dreams, and maybe even their family plans.

He didn't tell his wife but he wore his disappointment on his face. He wasn't his usual self. Frank's favourite night was Friday. He would come home from work and open a bottle of wine. He'd click his phone into the docking station that played his tunes and he'd bounce around the kitchen with glee. Each weekend meant time away from his boss and usually time with his beautiful wife. The last few weekends he'd been working so his Friday night banter hadn't been the same. It was nothing like this though. He was withdrawn, unhappy, and it didn't go unnoticed. Lauren thought he was just overworked, burnt out maybe. She let him be and his mood worsened. The following morning was the day of the dinner dance. She wanted her hubby to be as excited as they were to be partying together that night so she woke him with a blow job. Frank's eyes opened along with his mouth. He groaned slightly. His wife was under the covers and sucking on his cock.

He peeled the covers away to watch her. She looked up and him and he gazed into her emerald eyes. How could he ever say to her what his boss had implied? How could he ever consider sharing such a hot young woman? She had a naughty side though. That's what attracted him to her at first. She knew how to please a man and that's what made him fall for her. His love grew as he realised she was a lot like him. Both worked hard at their jobs and both liked to have fun. They drank heavily when they partied together and Lauren flirted with other men. It was fun watching her interact with other guys knowing she was his and would never cheat. She was committed to him, to their lives, and to the future she had planned out for them.

He lifted her head away for a kiss just before he came. He held her in his arms and gave her a squeezy hug. 'Are you feeling better now?’ She asked. 'Much better,' he lied in response and the pair hugged and chatted for a bit before she sprung up from the bed. 'I have to show you the dress,' she said with excitement. He couldn't care less about the dress until he saw her wearing it. She looked divine and he told her so. He was aroused himself by the flesh on display and then he began to wander. Maybe if he didn't tell her. Maybe if he said nothing she would get drunk. Maybe he would buy her doubles all night. Maybe in that dress she'd feel very sexy. Maybe if she was wearing it and was drunk, maybe she would flirt with his boss. Maybe she would let him touch her? Then he shook his head. No way could he do that to his beloved and no way would she ever let a man touch her.

She always received plenty of attention every time they went out. He'd seen men try a cheeky feel of her backside only to have their hand lifted or sometimes slapped away. Some tried to lean in for a kiss but she always laughed it off. It would never happen between her and his boss. He knew that and so he knew he would not be getting the promotion. It was only when Lauren produced the expensive shoes and jewellery that he erupted. He started yelling at her asking how much it all cost. Lauren was distraught but she fought back. Yelling back at him she told him about the money she spent and called him a tight arse. She lamented that he had spent all this time working and they were to enjoy the reward. Then she told him about the house. She had agreed a price and was ready to make an offer. She had an appointment booked with the bank and the wheels were in motion. Frank slumped back down onto the bed. His shoulders sank and he cried. Lauren was shaking. She had no idea he felt this bad. She began to fear the worst. Is he going to dump me? Has he found someone else? She thought about everything except the reality.

Finally he blubbed out what was in his mind. He told her about his boss, what he'd said, and how he was no longer getting promoted. Lauren was taken aback and then she was angry. ‘How dare he,' she said, 'we have to tell someone.' 'No!' Frank shouted as he turned to face her, 'we can't it'll only make things worse. Anyway he didn't actually say it.' Lauren stood and started giving off to her husband. It was the last thing he needed but he understood. Whilst he had been churning it over and over in his head she had just found out. She wagged her finger at him telling him she was gonna kick the man in the balls and tell him what she thought of him.

It took a good hour for her to calm down. Then the party girl returned; the one Frank fell for. The girl who was upbeat and ready at all times to party. She told him to forget this boss. She told him they were going to have fun regardless of the money. She told him she had faith in him and it wouldn't be long before he would get a promotion again. Inside she feared the man in charge. She knew that he would forever hold this over her husband but she didn't let on.
A cheerier Frank enjoyed a shower whilst she soaked in the bath and shaved her legs. He didn't even moan about the time it was taking her to get ready. Instead he sipped on a beer and lay on their bed watching her become even more beautiful. He was so proud to have her on his arm especially when they checked into the reception of the swanky hotel. An entire floor had been set aside for his company.

He threw their bags into room 212. It was ostentatious with a huge bed and more pillows that he'd ever seen. She too remarked on the fancy room before they opened the mini bar. Inside was a small bottle of champagne. 'Shall we?' he asked lifted up the bottle. 'We shall,' she smiled back at him. Frank popped the cork and they rushed the fizzy wine before deciding to head down to the function. Frank opened the door for his wife who swayed slightly and giggled. The bubbles had already gone to her head.

As she walked out into the corridor she stopped in her tracks. The man that they had spoken about earlier, the one who had ruined their future was stood in front of her. He was closing the door to his room which was opposite theirs. He looked her up and down taking in every inch of the dress. Frank closed the door of 212 just as his boss closed 207. He said, 'Hello,' and then sliding his arm around his wife's waist he turned her towards the elevators. His boss walked behind them and remarked on the beautiful sight in front of him. It was a cheeky remark which angered Lauren. She wanted to turn and slap him but she restrained herself.

It was uncomfortable inside the elevator. He was stood so close to her she felt like striking him. His eyes were buried in her cleavage. In his mind he slipped his hand inside the front of her dress. In her mind she was slapping him across the face. It was hard for Frank too. He didn't know what to say or do so he just stood there and waited. 'Ping' eventually the doors opened and Frank could breathe again but his happiness was short lived. The table plan showed, not just that they were sat with his boss, but that he would be sitting next to his wife. For a brief moment he thought about leaving the party and leaving his job. Then he remembered the credit card bill and resigned himself to an unpleasant evening.

It was, however, the opposite. Lauren relaxed the more champagne she drank. She wasn't used to the expensive stuff and was enjoying how it made her feel. She wasn't her usual flirty self but had enjoyed a few lengthy conversations with her husband's boss. He was actually quite charming and she enjoyed his company. She even agreed to dance with him. He held her close and during the dance she felt his hardness pressing into her leg. That made her giggle inside. Tipsy from the alcohol she found it quite sexy that she was making him so hard.

On the way back to the table she placed her hand in his. She then began her normally flirting and was becoming aroused by the eyes of the men who admired her. She knew the dress would do that and she enjoyed the attention. Frank was also having fun and drinking more than he would normally.

A while after his boss asked for another dance and Lauren decided she would see if she could make him hard again. She danced with her back to him and pushed her backside into his crotch. He placed his hands on her hips and bucked into her slightly. It was fun. He was instantly hard and she felt good that she could make him so hard so quickly.

Again she held his hand when they left the dance floor but he whisked her over to the bar instead of heading back to the table. At the bar he pushed her in front and stood behind her. He kept his hands on her hips and his cock pressed against her ass. He was still hard from the dance and wanted another rub against the fine young woman. He bought her a drink and then whispered in her ear. She wasn't sure what he said at first. Then it registered. He said, 'I want you.' Lauren closed her eyes. A vision popped into her head. It was him fucking her. It was a wild vision. He was on top bucking into her and she was loving it.

She opened her eyes. His words had aroused her. Her body was already moving against his which grinded into her. Could she really consider doing something with this man. Surely not? She turned and wriggled away from him. Lauren put the vision to the back of her mind and went to find her husband. He was steaming drunk. He was nearly asleep at the table. The band had just finished and the night was drawing to a close. She managed to get him up from the table but couldn't find his jacket anywhere. She decided for it to remain lost and she managed to get him to walk towards the elevator . Just as the doors opened again with a 'Ping' her husband fell forward but luckily someone caught him before he fell into the lift. It was his boss. He helped her get him inside.

Then in the elevator, just like before, he stared at the sides of her breasts. She saw him watching but didn't want to slap him anymore. Knowing that he wanted her so badly made her feel special. She liked that feeling. She knew she looked good but he made her feel desired. She liked that feeling even more. Frank's boss helped her get her husband onto their bed. Frank fell face first onto the huge bed and passed out. She thanked his boss for his help. 'My pleasure dear,' he responded, 'I'm just happy to be once again in your company.' His charm warmed her from within. She felt comfortable all of a sudden with the man she despised not a few hours before.

'Would you like a drink?' she offered. 'Yes please,' he said before she bent down to look into the mini-bar. In doing so she pushed her backside towards him. Yet again his groin was treated to her ass and she felt his cock rise within his tux. Again it rubbed against her but this time between her legs. She felt him press against her and she spent longer than required in that position. When she stood he thanked her for the beer and took a big gulp. She didn't join him. She felt that she had enough. They sat on the bed and he told her about his wife. He told her how she had died last year after many months of pain. She had bowel cancer which spread throughout her body.

He was sombre as he revealed his story to her. Lauren watched as a tear left his eye and rolled along his cheek. She couldn't help but wipe it away with her shiny purple fingernail. He was vulnerable and with that attractive to her. She saw not his bald head or aged skin. She saw only a man in pain and one who wanted her more than any other. He risked his job to ask for her. He risked the wrath of a young man and his wife to request some time with her. She liked that. She liked him but she was married to the man she loved. She stood up and turned away from him. He stood and again placed his hands on her hips. From behind her he looked into the mirror in front of them both. She looked stunning and all he could think about was her breasts. His hands slid round her front and then he slipped them over her dress and then slipped his right hand inside the opening at the front taking a firm hold of her bare breast. He held it there and squeezed. After a moment that seemed to be longer than it was she pulled his hand out from her dress and simply said, 'You'd better go.'

As she turned she couldn't help but look down at his crotch. She had made him hard again and had to admit she was a little wet herself. She wanted to put her hand on the lump that produced from his trousers. She even considered dropping to her knees and giving him a blow job but that was something the dress would never have allowed. Instead she stepped forward forcing his cock to rub her between her legs. She leaned up to him and kissed him softly on the cheek whilst enjoying how she grinded her pelvis against his. She then backed away giving him his cue to leave, which he took.

As the door to her room closed she saw him open his own and walk into his room. She turned again to the mirror then it hit her. He had fondled her bare breast. She stared into the mirror and watched in the reflection his hand again slide into her dress. She slipped her own hand in pretending it was his.

Stood there she watched him grope her again and between her legs she buzzed. Her nipple was rock hard. She remembered then his cock and how hard she had made it. She wondered what it was like. Stood there she saw once again that vision. It flashed into the mirror like a porn movie. She was lying on the bed and he was pounding her body. She shook herself to switch the blue movie off and it vanished but not before it had aroused her even more. Reaching behind she unzipped the dress and it dropped to the floor. Stood in just her fancy French knickers she imagined again his hand's on her then she turned towards her husband. It took all her might to roll him over onto his back. She wrestled with his rousers and finally got them off. She removed his boxers and was confronted by his floppy willy.

She took it in her hand and stroked it. She watched her purple nails working that cock but getting nowhere. She tried sucking it but the dam thing was dead. She was still buzzing from having had another man's hand on her breast so she lay there and began rubbing herself. She then removed her knickers and started to rub vigorously at her clitoris. Her legs opened wide and she closed her eyes. Again that vision popped into her head so she opened her eyes to remove it. She stopped rubbing and started thinking. It was surreal, as ft she wasn't living her life but someone else's. She couldn't believe what was going through her mind. Nor could she believe how easy it was for her husband's boss to get a hard on. She was in shock that she had let another man feel her boob. Could she really have let him continue? Could she let him feel her all over? Could she let him do even more?

Lauren thought about the dress and the cost of it. She thought about the house she wanted. She thought about her husband. He needed that promotion. She needed that house. They needed him to get that job. His boss needed her and maybe she needed him. He was lonely. Ever since his wife died he had felt alone. If she went to him and let him enjoy her perhaps he would feel better. She would be doing it for him, for her husband, but also for herself. Lauren was horny and drunk. It was a sobering thought that she might allow another man inside her. Lauren's mind was sharp but she was still under the influence of alcohol. She had no inhibitions and with that extra confidence she rose from the bed. She looked down at the dress but then to the mirror. She didn't need the dress. She slipped her feet into her high heels and walked towards the door. With a deep breath she opened it. Lauren walked boldly across the corridor and wrapped her knuckles on the door of room 207.

Frank's boss opened the door but not before looking though the spy hole. There before him was a beautiful and very naked young woman. 'Can I come in?' she asked. 'Of course, of course,' he said standing to the side to let the vision into his room. As she walked passed he gave her a cheeky pat on her bare bum and she smiled at him. They both knew why she was there. It was for her husband of course.

She lay onto his bed and opened her legs. He carefully removed her sexy shoes then gently kissed her feet. It tickled and she giggled. He kissed her legs from foot to hip then kissed her inner thighs. His lips touched her skin so gently it was as if a butterfly was flapping its wings against her. Lauren's body tingled all over but then burst into flames. Her skin was on fire when he began to tongue her clitoris. Where she had been rubbing earlier he licked with his warm, soft, tongue. It was divine. Her body arched and he head fell back into the pillow. Her eyes rolled upwards as if they were going to roll into her brain. The flames on her skin burned her all over. His tongue was like a red hot poker and then he fucked her with his fingers. In and out they went whilst his poker branded her and she quivered all over.

The flames subsided only to be replaced by boiling hot liquid that coursed through her veins. His tongue bashed her mound so furiously that she shuddered into an orgasm almost trapping his fingers inside. Once her body relaxed the waves of intense pleasure drifted over her like feathers fanning away the hot flames. Her body sank into the bed and she was gone. She was on a cloud floating above the ocean when he entered her body. She realised as he thrust his hard cock into her that she was in heaven.

It was dreamy, like being in love. The cock she had hardened to rock solid over many hours was inside her. The hands of her husband's boss drifted all over her. Then came the kiss. It was romantic and soft. When she made love to her husband the kissing was passionate and wild but his was very different. It was caring, loving even. She enjoyed every single second of being with that man. Another orgasm washed over her as she enjoyed floating on that cloud. The vision she had engrained in her mind had come true. He lay on her and then behind her as he continued to hold himself inside the woman he had desired for a long time.

Perhaps she was dreaming. Perhaps she was still in her bed beside her husband and rubbing herself. Perhaps it was just a fantasy but then he came. The man jerked his cum into her body and that brought Lauren back to reality with a bump. Another man was ejaculating inside her. She had to go. She jumped up and it oozed out as she grabbed her shoes and said goodbye. She opened the door and ran across the hallway and into her room.

Frank was promoted on Monday morning and moved to his new job and his new office. Lauren never told Frank what happened that night and soon afterwards his old boss retired.

What is the most erotic book ever written?

What is the most erotic book ever written? This question is often asked, follow the link below to see what many people answered..

Yes you guessed it they are nearly all books by NICCI GREENE